Nativity Scenes

Beartivity Figurine
4W x 4H
More Details+Price $26.00
Forest Nativity Bear Family Figurine
Size: 12W x 8H
Materials: hand-cast
More Details+Price $60.00
Forest Nativity Gift Bearers Figurines
Size: Squirrel: 3.25W x 5H, Racoon: 1.5W x 2.25H,
Beaver: 1.25W x 2.25H
Materials: hand-cast
More Details+Price $24.00
BF Forest Nativity Friends Figurines
Size: Moose: 5.25W x 5H, Mtn Goat: 2.5W x 2.5H,
Fox: 2W x 2.25H, Bunnies: 1W x 1.5H
Materials: hand-cast
More Details+Price $32.00

Bear Country Gallery
4054 Hwy 93 S 
Kalispell, MT  59901

All bear designs are property of Jeff Fleming© Jeff Fleming 2001
All Bears are reproduced exclusively by Big Sky Carvers, Manhattan, MT
Big Sky Bears™ and Bearfoots™ are trademarks of Big Sky Carvers

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